In Coleridge’s "The Ryme of the Ancient Mariner"

          Water, Water Everywhere – and yet the boards do shrink!
          Water, Water Everywhere – and not a drop to drink !!

A sombre warning was struck, whose stark reality, Planet Earth 
(and all that lives on it, you, me, and everybody) 
is facing Today at the Turn of the Millenium.

          Did you know that diseases such as Cancers, A.I.D.S, Genetic Mutations, Glandular and diseases of the Chromosomes, were practically unknown before World War II? Were you aware that the True causes of such Diseases after World War II is the poisoning of Planet Earth’s WATERS, through Nuclear Radioactivity, unleashed on an unsuspecting Planet by human beings who are supposed to be the Guardians of all Life on our Planet? Did you realise that the 4 ‘Super-Powers’ sitting as ‘Guardians of the Earth’ in the ‘Security Council’ of the ‘United Nations’, USA, France, USSR, & U.K., were the main culprits in the devastation to Health faced at crisis proportions by Life on Earth at present?


How did this happen within half a Century? These ‘4 Super-Powers’ detonated underground and underwater ‘Nuclear Bomb Tests’. In USA, the Nevada Desert is ruined. The Pacific Ocean is spreading the Death Force Poison of radioactivity throughout the global oceans. In USSR, the region of Semi-Platansk, in Khazakstan is turned into a death trap with 480 nuclear tests within a span of 48 years.

          What happens when Nuclear Radioactivity goes to the heart of a molecule of Water? It changes the LIFE FORCE SPIRAL OF LIGHT ENERGIES in Water (the Vedic Swastika) into Death Force Spiral (the Swastika of Hitler). The flow of Energy is reversed. This Death Force Pathogeneous Water, travelling underground, ruins the soils, crops growing in these areas, the rivers and lakes into which the water flows, and results in terrible diseases, not just AIDS and Cancers, but far worse genetic mutation, children born subnormal with deformities, degeneration of the human race, animals, plants and all living creatures, all that come into contact with this Death Force Water. Worse still, when this Pathogeneous Death Force Water evaporates and goes up as clouds around the Earth, instead of falling as Shakespeare’s "Gentle Rain from Heaven, upon the Plains beneath", it drops as Death, bringing Death, and ruining the soils and lands of innocent countries, spoiling the crops, and resulting in dreadful diseases, illnesses to the people.

This has kept the Doctors busy, hospitals overcrowded and given fat profits to medicine manufacturers. But all this ‘Health Industry Set-up’ does not tackle the problem at root source – HOW TO TRANSFORM THE PATHOGENEOUS DEATH FORCE WATER INTO SPARKLING LIFE FORCE WATER AGAIN ?
Scientists in many affected countries including Japan, USA, USSR, & European countries were desperately seeking solutions in Nuclear Research. Only ONE Scientist succeeded – in Khazakstan. Prof Dr Victor Inyushin, Head of the Biophysics Dept. of Khazakstan State Al-Farabi University, and the first Founder Chairman of Medicina Alternativa in 1962, had an 18 years long collaboration with our Zoroastrian College, Mazdayasnie Monasterie, and All India Shah Behram Baug Society (for Scientific & Educational Research) books, and Scientific Research collaboration. We had supported and encouraged our joint research efforts.
Prof Dr Victor Inyushin was the ONLY Scientific Genius, who, using this Ancient Mazdayasnie Cosmic Wisdom found the method by which the Life Force Spiral could be restored to contaminated Water.

  But his laboratory in Khazakstan was ‘closed’ to the world, under strict security. In 1992, I was the first person from the outside world, who was allowed to enter his Lab and see what he was doing. And ever since then I was after him to bring his Scientific Technology to India, to open it up for the public benefit. At last in 1999, after a seven years patient haul, he came; and for the first time in History, the entire DEMONSTRATION WATER PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY AND INSTRUMENTS are installed in the Zoroastrian College grounds at Sanjan, near Bombay, in India, thus making it possible for everybody in every country concerned with Clean Water to come and see it functioning.


          There does not exist a single person on Earth who can do without WATER. It is our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to GOOD HEALTH. We, You and I, and everybody, Truely concerned with Health, are the True Guardians of our Planet Earth – and of our Survival as one Big, Happy, Peaceful and Healthy Global Family (not the pompous chaps seatwarming their positions in the Security Council, who miserably failed in their duty to prevent detonation of under-water and under-ground nuclear tests, and thanks to whose failure, Health of Humanity and Survival of Life on Planet Earth is jeopardised)
      Hence this is my PERSONAL INVITATION to YOU. Come and Participate in BOTH the  INDIA BOMBAY WORLD CONGRESS January 2003 & 2004.
Our world renowned leader, Chairman of Medicina Alternativa International, Lord Prof. Pandit Sir Dr ANTON JAYASURIYA has worked devotedly for a lifetime to bring the awareness of Natural Oriental Health Care Methods for the benefit of humanity. 
The HIGHLIGHT of the BOMBAY WORLD CONGRESS is a ONE DAY POST CONGRESS DAY TRIP  from Bombay to Sanjan to the Zoroastrian College grounds where you are invited & welcomed to see for yourself the LIFE FORCE WATER DEMONSTRATION TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT on display.


Dame Dr. Prof. Meher Master – Moos, President, Zoroastrian College, Mazdayasnie Monasterie, and All India Shah Behram Baug Society (for Scientific & Educational Research).

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